Jessica Surendorff (AU)

Speaker (Project Manager, TokenTraxx)

Jessica Surendorff is an experienced Entertainment professional with over 15 years of experience in Production, Art Direction, Project Management & Business Development in web3 music. Based in the UK, she has also worked in Canada and Australia. At TokenTraxx, Jes works closely with talent, partners, and the product team to develop and deliver innovative and progressive web3 experiences, activations, and releases. In 2021, she completed a Masters in Legal Technology at the University of Law, which focused on AI and Blockchain in Law, Cyber & Data Law, Technoethics and Mediation. Her dissertation explored the use of AI, Automation and Blockchain to counter illicit cultural heritage trafficking, and prevention and detection of art crimes of fakery and provenance forgery. Jes has previously worked on Blockbuster productions, including films from the XMen franchise and adaptations of Steven King films; as well as Producing and Art Directing experimental cinema which was officially selected for Cannes Market, Toronto International Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival, and more.

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