Jeroen van den Bogert ()

Booking agent & co-owner of BLiP Agency, a company which was created by the merger of Alles Los Agency & Boosty Music. BliP focuses on bookings, management, events and education. Currently an independent music business company with 2 offices (Amsterdam and Enschede) and european ambitions. We are currently working with (among others): Jungle by Night, Gallowstreet, Birth of Joy, , GANZ, Cairo Liberation Front, Tears & Marble, The Mysterons, Kuenta I Tambu, Koffie and many more. BLiP is currently managing: Jungle by Night, The Mysterons, Tears & Marble, Gallowstreet. Active in music before 2006 as: promoter for various venues: Atak, Metropool, Unitas promoter for GOGBOT festival production manager for various venues: Atak, Unitas, Metropool Specialties: live booking, dj booking, promoter for events
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