Jem The Misfit (DE)

Jemma Woolmore aka Jem the Misfit is a Berlin-based video performance artist. Drawing from her art school roots in sculpture and audio-visual installation, Jem’s carefully crafted performances create spatial and textural landscapes, responding intuitively with the audio. Her fascination for architecture, science and music combined with her artistic vision and dedication to translating musical energy into visual form has seen her illuminate festivals and galleries across Europe and Australasia including: Mapping Festival (Geneva, CH), CTM (Berlin, DE), Time Warp (Germany and Holland), NAME festival (France), Love Family Park (Germany), LPM (Rome, IT), Digital Pride (Lecce, IT), Stereosonic (voted Australia’s number one electronic music festival) and Melbourne Fringe Festival (Melbourne, AUS). Kicking 2014 off with an interview in Groove Magazine DE, Jem the Misfit has established that she is an artist to watch. This year look out for upcoming AV collaborations with Simonne Jones, Paula Temple and Andre Uhl.
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