Jeffrey Cheng (US)

Jeffrey is excited to be back at ADE again after last playing in 2016. During that time, he’s being working on music with a set of remixes for artists, Manny Ward, and Curtis Atchison, on Twisted Records, executive producing a new track featuring Roxy with Manny and DJ Gomi, and a new EP project for Soundgroove Records. Back in New York, he’s been a co-host of the successful and well-known Birdcage party at Le Bain at the Standard Hotel, produced by nightlife queen, Christina Visca. The artists who have graced the decks is a who’s who on the house industry, including Hex Hector, Justin Strauss, the Carry Nation, Tedd Paterson, Arthur Baker, Quintin Harris, and Hector Romero. He’s even taken a turn or two at the decks himself. A true music aficionado and a long-time reveler of the New York Underground music scene for over two decades, Jeffrey has dabbled with DJ-ing and production since the late 90’s. Witnessing the beginnings of House and a fan of disco and the electronic scene of the 80’s, he has built up an extensive knowledge and collection of music. It was not until Midnight Society’s Curtis Atchison convinced him to play in public with him a few years ago, that New Yorkers (and many of his surprised industry friends) took note of his ability to weave a story with both old and new, as well as different genres. This year’s ADE, he’s thrilled to be part of the GDE lineup and to mingle with fellow industry folks at the events and panels. Last year, he teamed with his friend and ADE stalwart artist, Manny Ward, to produce a remix of a friend’s track, coming out this fall, as well as venturing out on his own with his own production for SoundGroove Records, debuting here at ADE. Jeffrey is both excited and in disbelief that he has been given a slot to play at this prestigious festival.
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