Jean-Paul Grobben (NL)


Jean-Paul Grobben is an Ableton Certified Trainer from Amsterdam the Netherlands. He has been producing electronic music for almost ten years, performing live in both solo and band settings, mostly under the alias Sed Project.
Since 2013 he has become a teacher at Pyntago, a private music production school in Amsterdam and Amersfoort, and for the past couple of years he has also uploaded various educational videos about music production on his YouTube channel SoundSuite.
In 2020 he started working at Showsync, a small company in Amsterdam that specializes in software extensions for Ableton Live that allow users to control video and lighting, all from Live’s familiar user interface. One of the ways this synchronisation is achieved is through the use of Max for Live, about which Jean-Paul has recorded a video for ADE 2020.

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