Javier Gonzalez (ES)

After 20 years of experience and having played through the most important clubs in Europe, he achieves as a key element in the electronic music world, having shared DJ Booth with the best DJs in the world. His sets have crossed our borders, playing in many countries such as: Italy, Netherlands, France, Scotland, Germany, Austria, England, Switzerland, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico & USA Javier Gonzalez currently is responsible of leading two of the most Important Nights IBIZA: The ONE MILLION DOLLARS IBIZA with based in PACHA IBIZA during the winter season and MONZA IBIZA RECORDS that has residence on the island since 6 years ago. Nowadays he is the resident DJ of the prestigious DESTINO Resort Hotel PACHA, besides being the owner of one of the most important electronic music company is concerned: MONZA IBIZA RECORDS translating all the work developed by MONZA’s artists in IBIZA over the years and bringing the magic of IBIZA to every corner of the
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