Janieck van der Polder (NL)

Known as a modern singer songwriter and guitar soloist, Janieck is currently bridging the gap between dance and pop music in his very own style. As he underlined this in 2015 with his breakthrough single 'Reality', made with dance act Lost Frequencies, now he's set for an ex- citing future, freshly signed at Spinnin' Records and further building his profile with new, up- coming records. For Janieck, everything should be focused on translating his feelings, thoughts and music into simple essence. The Dutchman believes a good song should always maintain this personal touch, in whatever form it comes out. This approach already started at an early age. Career After first being street casted as a young boy for the Dutch film 'Pluk Van De Petteflet' (2004), during his next film 'Crusade In Jeans' (2006) the natural borne actor grew into a natural borne musician. To kill time on the set, he bought a guitar and taught himself to play. His newly discovered talent unleashed the singer songwriter JNCK. Written at the age of 14, the first song he ever recorded was ‘A Better Man’. The song is about taking chances and driving the change that will make you better; a true display of Ja- nieck’s passion to improve. Reality The song 'Reality' he co-wrote with Lost Frequencies rocketed his career at the age of 20. It topped the European charts in 2015 and 2016 for almost a year. 'Reality' gained playtime all over the world and DJ support from many established artists, including producers like Klingande, Alle Farben, Sam Feldt, Jef Martens and Djorkaeff reaching out to him to work together on various projects. Janieck’s inspiration It may not come as a surprise that Janieck is a great admirer of artists like John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. But how many expect him to be inspired by My Chemical Romance, Greenday and Enya. They all have one thing in common. When you strip down the song, all that re- mains is a simple melody that sticks instantly. Vibrant live performance On stage Janieck performs with Alon, a musical wizard who does the backing vocals, plays guitar and works magic with his sampling pad. Close friends since the age of 12, the duo delivers a vibrant, fun and diverse live act. They get intimate with the largest of audiences and elevate the ambiance whenever they can. Recently, Janieck signed an exclusive deal with dance music's largest independent label Spinnin' Records. Which proves his talent once more, promising more touching songs to come out soon, bridging that interesting gap between catchy dance sounds and emotionally driven pop. So yeah, he's coming up, get ready to be overwhelmed by Janieck!
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