James Frostick (GB)

Speaker (Buma/Stemra)

With over 14 years experience working in the music industry for companies including Sony Music Entertainment, PRS for Music, and currently Buma/Stemra, James has experienced many market changes, disruptions and innovations. Currently working as Head of Online Licensing, James manages negotiations and partnerships across digital verticals, including video on demand, music streaming, user generated content, gaming, and newer products within the digital space.

Buma/Stemra represents composers, lyricists and music publishers. The organization provides remuneration for music use on radio, TV, streaming services, venues and in hospitality, retail and business premises, among other things. In addition, Buma/Stemra promotes Dutch copyright both at home and abroad. For example, Dutch composers, lyricists and music publishers are offered an international stage by supporting major events such as Eurosonic Noorderslag and the Amsterdam Dance Event.

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