Jaguar (GB)

Speaker (The Jaguar Foundation)

Jaguar Bingham is every bit as memorable as her name. Hailing from Alderney in the Channel Islands, but based in East London, the 27-year-old broadcaster, DJ and journalist, known mononymously as Jaguar, is among the new guard of multi-hyphenate tastemakers steering UK dance music towards brighter waters.

Host of BBC Introducing Dance on Radio 1 and Founder of The Jaguar Foundation; Jaguar recently released a groundbreaking report titled 'Progressing Gender Representation In UK Dance Music' that followed on from her Future1000 initiative in partnership with Virtuoso to get more female and non-binary artists in the electronic music.

Togetherness, authenticity and the delightful purveyance of effervescent dance music: these are the calling cards of Jaguar.

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