Jacob de Hooge (CA)

Made in Toronto, Canada this young, talented and passionate DJ started his career while still a freshman at McMaster University. Jacob’s passion for music and technology had drawn him to to start borrowing his friends DJ equipment and spend many hours mixing. After quickly learning the ropes of DJ controllers Jacob teamed up with a friend of his, Daniel Macciacchera, to form a DJ duo. Starting with house parties their popularity gained traction quickly through word of mouth. They would go on to play numerous house parties, banquet hall, and formal events all over the Greater Toronto Area. McMaster PNB Psychology Formal 2018 After a few years of playing house parties and formals, Jacob went on to find his passion in the house & techno club scene. Ambitious and destined to find his way into the scene he reached out to SHLTR records, an up and coming tech-house label in Hamilton, Ontario. In late 2018 Jacob made his first solo debut in the club scene at Modrn Nightclub. With a new found focus and passion for all things house & techno, Jacob would go on to move to Amsterdam during the summer of 2019. Drawn to Amsterdam due to his family roots in the Netherlands, Jacob quickly felt an instant connection to the club music scene in the country where some of the worlds best DJ’s are created. Just weeks upon arrival he started to play in various locations in Amsterdam. With a complete dedication to music of various genres, there is no boundaries in terms of creativity for his live sets. Looking at the audience and providing the right ingredients for a perfect night or evening out is his specialty. A true lover of music and not only digital, Jacob enjoys to DJ on vinyl and has an ever growing collection of house music records dating back to the 80’s. Music history has always been of great importance for Jacob and this can be seen in his live sets where he never fails to create a unique vibe to the location he is spinning at. Aware that the next level in any artists career is production and music, he is currently working on his upcoming release and learning much along side with other music producers in Amsterdam and beyond. Expect soon to hear more about this up and coming young artist!
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