Ivo Toscano (IT)

Native of Italy, Ivo Toscano got into the scene 15 years ago and soon became very well renowned and respected in the deep/tech house panorama. He started his career in Salerno where he has worked for all the most prestigious clubs of the area : Dolce Vita, East Side, the unforgettable Lanternone and Ciclope clubs of Palinuro, with Angels of Love and Love Juice. Most recently the Circle, Din Dada and Nice2Be. His unique touch and passion for the music, made Ivo’s name become known all over Italy. He has spinned his vinyls at the Old River Club and at the Metropolis, passing by Dinamik Area and Magazzini Generali. Few years later, his sound spread to London (The End, The Cross, Club Number 3 ), The Netherlands (Strandclub, Karavaan) and the uber famous Circoloco@DC10 in Ibiza which consolidated his reputation and confirmed his capacity to satisfy the global crowd. Strong of his international experience, Ivo is now producing his own music and collaborating with icons like Kerry Chandler. He recently remixed “Bar a thym” on Street Kings records, “Crimea River” on Moodmusic and “People of the night” on I Records. “Hot Potato Records” is the name of his label, and it is ready to rock the spot.
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