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Isiana, a true aficionado of the house music scene, has been on a lifelong journey fueled by a passion for dance and parties. From an early age, Isiana's heart thumped to the rhythm of beats and melodies, setting the stage for a career as a DJ.

Hailing from Alkmaar, Isiana's love affair with music began as a young enthusiast.

This love evolved into a burning desire to bring the energy of the dancefloor to life through her music.

With years of dedication and countless nights spent behind the decks, Isiana build up a good reputation in the party scene.

Isiana's she graced the stages of numerous clubs and electrifying the dancefloors with her infectious house music beats.

As a testament to her prowess, Isiana has also been featured on numerous local radio shows, spreading her love for house music to a lager audience.

Her uncanny ability to read the crowd ensures that every performance is a journey through rhythm and sound, connecting people through music that makes them move.

Isiana's reputation as a DJ with an innate understanding of what gets the party going has earned her a special place in the hearts of partygoers and music enthusiasts alike.

Her sets are a testament to her dedication to the craft, seamlessly blending and great music gems to create an unforgettable sonic experience.

House Music Productions:

Isiana is not only a dynamic DJ but also a prolific house music producer. With a keen ear for infectious melodies and groove-inducing beats, she has delivered a range of captivating tracks that can set dancefloors on fire.

Her discography boasts an impressive collection of house anthems that have garnered attention from both the underground and mainstream scenes. From the soulful vocal hooks to the pulsating basslines, Isiana's productions exude a timeless quality that transcends trends.

With each release, of house music, infusing her tracks with fresh, innovative elements that keep her listeners eagerly anticipating what's next. Isiana's dedication to the art of production shines through in every beat.

Notable Releases:

"Hot Summer Love
“Secret Garden”

Notable Achievements:

Headlined at Sideshowkuts event, and yearly Funk the bar at Kashmirlounge Amsterdam, Pink Sunday (cafe 100% ZO, Club NL Amsterdam, Fashion show Hogeschool Amsterdam,and many many more.... Also in Ibiza, Ibiza Rocksbar and Plastic Ibiza.
Featured on radio as AMW, Compleet FM, Hvar Radio, Radio Zaanstad and radio and television House of Renaissance and Ibiza live radio and Salto tv.
Been in studio with many great artists on Orbit dj retreat in september 2023 in Ibiza.

YouTube channel Isiana

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