One of the most consistently exciting talents in today’s underground scene, this Nottingham-born producer has come on leaps and bounds since he spent his first ravey days dancing in some of the UK’s most (in)famous music factories. The ‘here and now’ sees him touring the world under the guise of Inxec – a mysterious moniker equalled only by the curious spells he binds with his provocative, intoxicating and idiosyncratic brand of music. 
If only Robin Hood could have experienced the mesmeric drone emanating from one of Nottingham’s most legendary venues: The Bomb. In the early 90s, this proved an allure too irresistible for Inxec, known in real life as Christopher Sylvester. This was his calling. Tyrant residents, such as Sasha and his Merry Men Craig Richards and Lee Burridge, wrote their own folklore that would go down in Nottingham’s history. It would also consume Chris from the very beginning. Little did he know that in only a few years, he would be writing a tale of his very own. 
Later, after flirting with production in its numerous formats, Chris was gifted the opportunity to play ‘live’. Under his first more-progressive alter ego, Sound Alliance, he embraced this opportunity and a star was born. It was at this crossroads that he met Matt Tolfrey – an encounter that blossomed friendship and, later down the line, a hugely successful production partnership. With this, new opportunities were beckoning. Inxec was now in the reckoning. 
In 2006 Inxec began a love affair with Jay Haze’s imprint, Contexterrior, where he released five futuregasmic releases for the forward-thinking label. And Inxec remixes on labels such as Tuning Spork, Stock 5, Barraca and Esperanza were featuring in the playlists of the globe’s finest. He had now been acquainted with the world stage – he loved it. The feeling was mutual. This provided added kudos for the Inxec/Tolfrey powerhouse. Releases on Murmur, Sven Vath’s Cocoon recordings and Radioslave’s Rekids were the inevitabilities of this success. It was plain to see that the natural DJ in Tolfrey helped Inxec develop an increasingly stripped dancefloor-destined sound. Remixes followed for the likes of CR2, Culprit, Kismet, Great Stuff and Renaissance to name but a few. 
Since then Inxec has collaborated with Droog, Mark Chambers, Leks and most recently, Mark Jenkyns, which has culminated in releases for Crosstown Rebels, Culprit, Last Night on Earth, Leftroom and Get Physical – the list is endless. It therefore comes as no surprise that he has since been invited to play some of the world’s most famous parties ranging from Harry Klein (Munich) and the Panorama Bar (Berlin) to Eleven (Tokyo) and Fabric (London) – notwithstanding his four-year love-in at Culprit’s Los Angeles’ Standard Hotel rooftop party. 
With a new live show, his first full-length studio album and more collaborations expected in 2014, it will be without a doubt another year of stellar proportions for this lofty producer.
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