Inez (NL)


Inez Akker inherited her love for Techno from her dad at a very early age. After being absolutely passionate about Electronic Music since she was 5, she started mixing tracks and creating her own DJ sets, inspired by very close friends who got her into the industry.

In a very short time, her style got her to share line-ups with Dimi (AnD), Olivier Weiter and Cliff de Zoete, among many others, in H7 Warehouse (Amsterdam), PIP and Het Magazijn (The Hague). Her style ranges from Deep Tech to Dark Techno, and her mixes are noticed by a strong drive that tells the story of each DJ Set.

Besides her performances in the nightlife industry, she is currently involved in Papaya -a record label based in The Hague- in the role of Assistant Manager. She also runs a parallel project focused on Conscious Clubbing, where she, together with her team, combines Electronic Music with sports, wellness and spiritual activities such as yoga, meditation and ecstatic dance.

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