A fascinating musical mind, HOSH crafts alluring sound waves that lift crowds with magnetism. Taking any audience on a galactic trip is no easy feat. After a decade of worldwide touring and dedication to the art, he makes it look simple. The energy of a HOSH set is that of a collapsing star: intense building pressure that explodes in a frenzy of electronic fireworks. Eclectic and rousing, his music firmly grounds your body to the present and skyrockets your mind to space. From residencies throughout Europe to co-founding Diynamic with Solomun and Stimming, success and experience now give him the liberty to manage his most meaningful projects. The latest page is titled fryhide, meaning Freiheit - freedom. HOSH’s new label relentlessly pursues quality, traveling to the very essence of a sound, capturing transient emotions and sculpting them for dance floors. Fry hide encapsulates soulful stories told by forward-thinking artists, from HOSH to his friends and to the talents they seek together. The label invokes his unique burning identity as a DJ and curator, with projects like INSTANT fry hide promising “one moment, one strong track, no remixes, no compromises and no-nonsense.” A stellar ride awaits this inspired family as they transcend musical frontiers, with HOSH at the helm and a crystal horizon ahead.
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