HolyU (IT)


Umberto Milanesio, also known as HolyU, is the founder, creative, art director and resident dj of Recall, which is a multi-faceted electronic music brand that brings together events, music production, show design, editorial releases.

The philosophy of the brand is basically a union between music and art, and considering HolyU’s into music production since he was 17 and he has a Architecture degree, he represents all aspects and declinations of its concept.

As an producer, he developed his sound during the years, creating a crossover between techno and house with groovy and organic drums and melodic elements, obtaining some important achievements such as having his music played live on BBC Radio 1 and releasing music on important record labels such as mau5trap.

As a DJ he performed all over Italy and abroad, such as France, UK and now USA, sharing the decks with talents like Stimming, Lehar, Upercent and Auggië among the others.

HolyU’s skill in the field of electronic music production has allowed him to develop parallel projects under other aliases, with the aim of exploring more and more of its sonic declinations by not restricting himself to a single genre. In addition, as a producer he often works creating sound identities and developing sound design projects for international brands.

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