Hoge Toon (NL)

1985 the year where the magic happened. It was small it was red and it was rockin! But he didn’t like rock music. So there, since 1985 this little fellow produced such high frequencies that only the real underground rave head could understand. The name High Tune from the dune was born, I Mean: High Pitch that stands for Hoge Toon. Light years ahead and feeling miss understood, our hero took a pursued of happiness. But he already had seen the movie, so he stayed home. But not before he performed as a fulltime “Alexi Lalas” look a like and he played bass Guitar for Simply Red. This Redman wrote al the lyrics for the hit single “Big girls don’t cry” and “I got a big dick” by DJ Deeon. After all the success, he still could feel a emptiness that make him shiver like streaking at Antarctica. His pursued took him beyond fields of high, low and deep pitch sounds, that stretched his and our imagination. And his stretch reached every corner of the world wide web. Our hero, our Lassi that is the “smooth” in the word “smoothness”. Every Minimal, house, deephouse or techhouse record is a prey for our roaring lion of the tribe of Judah. And these prey, he shares with all the love in the world, upon his cubs. And all this hunting is only for the love of music. Hoge Toon or Doctor Different of Youtube has us in his spell and all you, who have love for the electronic sound, are gratefully adoring his magic. Electronic music was shared over the entire globe as thousands subscribed to his Youtube channels. This man who is walking with the swagger. Only 2 years in the game and already he played before and after the big names like: Phil Weeks, Tobi Neumann, Nick Curly, Ellen Allien, Joris Voorn, Ramon Tapia en Gavin Herlihy and the list goes on and on. His agenda is exploding like a Al Qaida meeting. Hoge Toon played in respected clubs like; Mac Arena Mar, Macarena Club (Barcelona), Studio80 (Amsterdam), Catwalk (Rotterdam), Club Poema (Utrecht), Simplon & Pand48 (Groningen) and is now resident DJ at LINKE SOEP (Amsterdam) & TECHNOOTJES (Groningen). It’s crystal clear: Hoge Toon and the decks is a perfect marriage.
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