Hippe Types B (NL)

With international relations on edge just before the Vietnam War in 1965, a group of Dutch scientists wanted to show the world that there aren’t many differences between people. While doing research on these genetic differences, the scientists discovered an extraordinary protein in the blood of Aboriginals, the native habitants of Australia. This protein turned out to be the cornerstone of the anti-gen of the Hepatitis B virus. 

As a reference to their first and most important research, the scientists called themselves Hippe Types B. One of their main activities nowadays is throwing parties and two of their Unique Selling Points is doing shout-outs and mixing songs with a lot backspins. This is a special skill of mixing tracks announced by the phrase “Ricky-Ricky-backspin!”, followed by giving the track that is playing on the deck a firm backwards spin just before starting the same track again, also known as a pull-up (pronounced with Jamaican accent).

Every individual within the group of scientists involved in this discovery passed through a series of remarkable events. Each linked back to the day of their discovery. Their first encounter with their special abilities (literally) hit them on the day after the discovery. While walking in near Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area –an Australian national park known for the Kangaroo tours- Professor Hamza got kicked in the face by a kangaroo. Instead of breaking his nose, the kangaroo bounced 50 yards away. Hamza didn’t have a scratch! Also the other researchers (Pokémaster Lu, Drs. Orly, Le Panda, and Professor Stixx) quickly found out that they were invincible when they participated in a peace-walk on the border of North and South Vietnam. While focused on rolling a blunt in the shade under a tree, they didn’t notice a Soviet Tank that tried to run them over. Unfortunately for the tank, it imploded upon collision. A lightly altered version of this event was also used as a script for the Wella Hair advertisement on national Dutch television, because this event caused Stixx’s hair to obtain so much volume that he became a worldwide role-model. Ever since 1965, the scientists from Hippe Types B focus their abilities on showing the world that War can be history, as long as everyone participates. 

Another special ability they obtained, is that they can’t age. They still have the same age as in the year 1965 and explain this in their most recent publication ‘The herb is just a plant, seen?’ (Academic Internet Publishers 2015, ISBN 9781478413684) where Hamza, Lu, Orly and Stixx scientifically explain how to maintain quality over quantity of life. They currently hold two records in the Guinness Book of Records. One for causing the longest queue at Club Nyx in Amsterdam on a Thursday night. The other record is for receiving the highest amounts of ‘ippa’ while doing a DJ set. A more common term for ippa is cunnilingus or a blowjob.

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