Henek (MX)

Henek first aproach to music was at the young age of 9, when he learned to play the piano and the flute which gave him his first notion of rhythm and musical theory. In the late 90′s and at the young age of 15 his passion for electronic music began in the mexican underground raves where he used to attend with friends. As a DJ, Henek has been spinning since 1999, when he started to play in local underground parties in Mexico City. Because of his constantly sought out knowledge and his developed Dj and Production skills including but not limited to his professional DJ mixing techniques and good taste for music, Henek is invited to S.O.E ( www.soundsofearth.net ) as one of the label artist. Nowadays Henek has more than 15 tracks released in different known labels like : Stripped Digital, Hush Records, BCT, Atmosphere Records, Sounds of Earth and which have been supported by many known Dj´s around the World, Henek has a very unique and original style of production which is a fusion of different styles deep, dark and groovy transitions are the main characteristics of his sets along his own music. In 2013 Henek makes a couple of loop libraries included in the already known Riemman Kollektion Libraries from the german Dj & Producer Florian Meindl. In the same year Ariel started the party concept ¨The Picnic ¨along Sounds of earth and Undergroove Music both very known and respect Mexican labels. Concept which is starting to gain ground on the underground Mexican electronic scene being known for his unique vibe and music. Ariel is also a full time audio engineer with a Barchelos of Audio Production from SAE Institute and Middlesex.
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