Hef (NL)

Hef (Julliard French, 21 years old) was born in Rotterdam, attended primary school in Amsterdam but he experienced life in a grim neighborhood in Hoogvliet. He came in contact with crime, but fortunately found his calling before it went wrong: music. Success Tracks like Puur and Big Boss characterized by tough productions and calm, almost disinterested delivery of Hef. DJ MPs Luie Mannen, was proof that even laidback beats fit well into Hef's repertoire. But before his recognizable style was, there was a lot of tweaking perfected with critical help from Ado'nis, irritation to it. His sister brought hip hop into his life, brother Ado'nis made him get in the studio by his success with his former crew THC and Hef did the rest: building classics.
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