Harri & Domenic (GB)

After cutting his DJ teeth in the Sub Club and elsewhere around Glasgow during the 80’s, Harri teamed up with Slam duo Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle. Together in 1990 they started the infamous Sub Club weekly Saturday, “Atlantis,” where they collectively carved out their own wee piece of clubbing notoriety over the following four years. The departure of Slam from the club in 1994 saw Harri join forces with one of Glasgow’s most talented young DJs, Domenic Cappello. Together they created Subculture, the Sub’s flagship weekly Saturday night. 21+ years on, Subculture, with Harri and Domenic still at the helm, is the longest running weekly House night in the U.K. and very possibly worldwide. Subculture has hosted the cream of international House DJs and has a reputation as one of the best and most credible House nights in the world. Subculture has thrived where so many house clubs have flagged because the night has always embraced and sought out the most innovative and culturally relevant electronic music - regardless of fickle fashions or commercial pressures. Together and independently Harri & Domenic have headlined slots at the UK’s most important underground clubs such as Back2Basics (Leeds), Chibuku (Liverpool), Plastic People, The End and Fabric (London), and at clued-up, taste-defining international dance floors such as Panorama Bar (Berlin), The Rex (Paris), Moog (Barcelona), Deep (Madrid), Food Club (Brussels) and Propaganda (Moscow). Harri and Dom have also recorded 2 Subculture mix CDs on Arista (“Subculture”) and Loaded (“Subversion”) and one on Soma (“20 Years Underground”). Their Resident Advisor podcast in August 2010 was widely acclaimed as was their Pete Tong Essential Mix for Radio 1. Harri: Harri is synonymous with Glasgow’s vibrant House scene and his record breaking 23 year + Sub Club residency is the foundation for it’s growth into one of the UK’s premier electronic music venues. Creating and recording music as H Foundation (predating Halo & Hipp-e’s copycat moniker), The Pa Pa Washington Trio, Daddy’s Favourite, Harri and The Revenge, and Burntisland Casuals amongst other aliases, Harri has showcased his extraordinary mixing and production skills. Daddy’s Favourite, “I Feel Good Things For You” (as featured on T.V. series “Queer as Folk”), propelled Harri into the charts and features on many House compilations. The H Foundation’s “Liaka”, another Harri production, made it to No.11 in John Peel’s Festive 50 of 1994. “Calling all Dancers”, his first single with the Pa Pa Washington Trio, was licensed to several compilations and became one of Paper Recordings biggest selling records. Harri has also scored several top 20 DJ Magazine Hype Chart hits from the nineties to the present time. Harri’s 5 year London residency at London’s Plastic People with the late and greatly missed Kenny Hawkes was regarded as one of the UKs best house nights of the 90’s. Harri regularly travels to Europe, the USA, the USSR, Australia and Asia, where his blend of House and Techno has gained wide acclaim. The Face (R.I.P.) and many other leading music magazines have lauded Harri’s unique contribution to the UK House scene and he has been voted in the world’s top 100 DJ’s in the DJ Magazine poll on several occasions. Currently Harri is working on new material with The Revenge (Instruments of Rapture / 6th Borough Project) under their Burntisland Casuals moniker. They have already scored a Juno No 1 bestseller on vinyl with Truth / Temptation on Under The Shade Recordings. To date they have remixed various artists for Compost, My Favourite Robot, Hometaping and Instruments of Rapture. Harri has also released a collection of edits for highly collectible Glasgow based L.E.S.S. Productions. Domenic Cappello: Domenic Cappello has maintained his weekly Subculture residency alongside Harri at Glasgow’s Sub Club, since 1994. Domenic’s refusal to compromise his artistic vision was apparent from the start. After getting into electro and the break-dancing scene of the early 80s he became disillusioned with the lack of innovation and turned instead to old blues records. His first residency was at a blues club in the outskirts of Glasgow, where he surprised the grumpy old men with his encyclopedic knowledge of obscure blues records. His career as a blues DJ would be short lived. Acid House was about to emerge. Hanging out at late 80s Glasgow warehouse parties where the likes of Harri and Stuart and Orde from Slam/Soma would be spinning the emergent acid sound, Domenic realised that he wanted to be part of the future - not the past. After attempting to introduce acid house to the blues club he was promptly sacked! By 1993 Domenic had his own midweek Sub Club residency ‘Something Fishy’, promoted by future owners Mike Grieve and Paul Crawford and was regularly warming-up at the early nineties Sub Club behemoth, “Atlantis” - Harri & Slam’s massively influential weekly Saturday night – where he also occasionally filled for the residents when they were out of town. With Slam moving on to other ventures in 1994, Harri asked Domenic to join him in forming the resident team for a new Saturday night. The mighty “Subculture” rollercoaster was created and the ride shows no signs of slowing down as the 20th anniversary of the night approaches. Domenic has established himself as one of the worlds’ most credible and consistently innovative DJs. His understanding of the dance floor, his ability to read a crowd and to build a groove, means that he never has to resort to a succession of ‘big tunes’ to move a crowd. Unafraid to take it deep and dark, Domenic’s sound represents a marriage between the underground house and techno sounds of Chicago and Detroit, an imagined future that is both hauntingly beautiful and yet uncompromisingly intoxicating. As a recording artist, Domenic is co-founder of Seventh Sign Recordings and has released under several different alter-egos including Urb’n’ri and Hutton Drive on Glasgow’s Soma label, 2020 Vision, Frantic Flowers and other respected independent imprints. His long term friendship with Ralph Lawson has seen him involved in a number of 2020 Vision projects dating back to the label’s inception. Subculture in the studio: No strangers to the studio, both Harri & Domenic are always releasing and working on one-off edits, remixes and under the counter releases under various aliases and for labels big and small. From Daddy’s Favourite to 7th Sign, they have pedigree beyond their peers and a history to match their years in the game.
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