Harold de Vries (NL)

Harold plays selective qualatative music, ranging from soulful jacking house, uplifiting groovy Techno to clubbyfeelgood music. All mashed, sliced, diced, chopped and served in an exciting and refreshing way. Due to his open mind for music with influences from every kind of music like wolrd music an classical he developed a very own style. Harold is no novice when it comes to spinning music. His addiction started in the late 70's when disco music was the sound and things where simple. In those days master pieces such as change, Oliver Cheatman and Harold Melvin were treated with care in his vinyl collection. His music collection with disco and then house came! In those days Harold was playing in clubs all over the country. He did several radio shows and won mutiple DJ contests. After playing years in clubs he suddenly stopped bet never could say Goodbye to his SL1210's. Until 2002 he didn't play live sets anymore but was allways busy with music. From that moment on he was working on his comeback as an performer. The result of all those years of experience working with tracks from then combined with now-a-days hottest tracks give his performance a one of a kind experience.
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