Guy Gravier (NL)

Never mind the pronounciation: it’s all about the sound manifestation. Guy Gravier is a true sonic chameleon that wants you to get it on. He has been playing back to back with varying DJ’s the last 3.5 years every Tuesday night; giving him valuable experience to blend all kinds of tunes together that make you feel all right. Sharing the decks with quality (inter)national names as well as local talent; he always makes sure them funky frequencies are felt at his event. Being part of solid house collective Makossa gives him consistent structure to keep on jacking; playing everything from pure disco to afrobeat with Disco Dolly Sound System guarantees a groove is never lacking. It all depends on the crowd, venue & vibe: he’ll find a right rhythm to transform the dancefloor into a dancing native tribe. Mysterious, spiritual but always prioritising to make everybody dance: his music comes to full completion in synergy with the audience.
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