Gunnar Guess (DE)

During his four-year stay in Karlsruhe he met the resident sizes of the electronic scene to know and appreciate. Gunnar's participation in projects was great, whether open air concerts, party series in club Culteum or legendary local after-hours parties. His presence had become increasingly important. The cooperation with the Karlsruhe citizens allowed him to play in 2011 in the season in Ibiza. All in the name and under the banner of "Capadi Rebels Ibiza", he played among others at the Delano Beach Club, the prominent radio station Ibiza Global Radio and on some private villa parties. His 2011 founded label "listenanddance" currently provides him a platform to present himself and his like-minded musical friends. It develops into a network for artists who are pursuing the same goal: simply good music !!! Who gets to hear Gunnar and knows him, knows that the night may like to take a little longer if he hands out his special tech-house sounds an every floor! By his current study as a sound engineer at the "German Pop" in Berlin it important that the sound in the club achieved a high level of quality, as the chain begins now times when DJ at ... Gunnar Guess
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