Gregory Markus (US)

Gregory Markus is project leader and founder of the RE:VIVE initiative at Sound & Vision, the national media archive and museum of The Netherlands. He specializes in the reuse of physical and digital audiovisual heritage materials within electronic and experimental music. He was born in Fairfield, Connecticut before relocating to the Chicagoland area and after that, moved to Iowa City which he describes as “a pretty cool place”. After that, he left for Amsterdam and just recently moved to the countryside because he, quote, “wanted some space”. His favorite film is Jaws but 28 Days Later is a close second and he’d like to say to his former German Film classmates, that he *checks notes* “told you so about Cillian Murphy” but has been too busy to see Oppenheimer so no spoilers please. His current project is building a recording studio at Sound & Vision outfitted entirely with equipment and instruments made in The Netherlands.

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