Greg Cerrone (FR)

He did more than simply learn how to spin records for a crowd though. In less than a decade since that fateful evening, he became one of the most in-demand electronic dance music producers in Europe by channeling his creative intuition. Raised in a "musical household" as he puts it, his father Marc Cerrone—French disco legend whose own sales exceed 30 million worldwide. Marc enlisted Greg for 5 intense years of studio and label work throughout 2000 to 2005. They collaborated & co-produced the album "Hysteria", and Greg ended up performing for a crowd of 100,000 at the Versailles Castle "Dance Party" in 2005. Soon, he skyrocketed to prominence in Europe. Founding his own label On The Air Music in 2005, he dropped "Pilling Me" and "Invincible", which both turned heads everywhere. BBC1's Pete Tong embraced him, and he continued gigging constantly, touching down for sets in London, Montreal, Moscow, Brazil, Ibiza, Monaco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, France, Morocco, Belgium, Tunisia, Milan, Miami, Las Vegas, and virtually anywhere else there was a club. In 2009, he unleashed the dance floor phenomenon "Taking Control of You" and its follow-up "Lipstick", which Avicii remixed. Everybody from Afrojack and John Dahlback to Miles Dyson and Klaas clamored for the opportunity to remix or collaborate with Greg. Cannes Film Festival, Xbox, Apple, and Playboy all booked him for private parties.Yet he's just begun to extend his influence to the United States in a big way. Teaming up with Dahlback, he unveiled "Every Breath" featuring Janice Robinson on Big Beat Records/Atlantic in 2012.
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