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Gino Olivieri started his music career back in 1976 as a Mobile DJ (1976 through 1985) in 1985 until 1995 DJ’d at various Montreal clubs. With a huge love for various dance music, and the many offshoots of genres and massive record collection, he has a wide array of music information. In 1985, began his “sales tasks” in the music industry working in an infamous local record shop in Montreal, “Disco Library”. In 1987, crafted his sales and record promotion skills working for the record label UNIDISC MUSIC INTERNATIONAL, while also working part time for record distribution NUMUZIK PRODUCTIONS INC. In 1988 leaving Unidisc Music and concentrated full time at Numuzik as Head A&R and Assistant Dance Buyer. In 1988 Gino started editing, remixing, and eventually producing various singers and groups in the Montreal area. 1990 began remixing and producing tracks for more Canadian groups and artists along with American ones as well. In this same year, building “IN-DA-MIX Studio” and his own record company Premier Muzik Productions. In 1992, an idea of giving people “current dance music” that people wanted to hear but could not buy on compilation was becoming a reality. At Numuzik, was responsible for the development of the DJ compilation series “DJ LINE”, this eventually spun into a partnership between Numuzik and PolyTel/PolyGram. With the forces all together was the development of a brand new series, “DJ CLUB MIX”, mixed and produced by Gino and Ivan. This series had become one of the most prominent and successful “CLUB” compilation series in Canada, with sales of this collection exceeding 1.5 million copies alone. Other established series by PolyTel that was mixed and produced by Gino included mixing the “100% Percent DANCE HITS” series that had sold almost 1 million units on its own. Gino Olivieri was the first DJ producing and mixing the very first Major Record company joint venture series entitled “MUCHDANCE”, this 1st Volume sold in excess of 750,000 units. By the mid 90’s was nicknamed “One of the hardest working DJ’s in Canada” by “Daniel Caudeiron” writer for – “THE RECORD" (the Canadian billboard equivalent). Gino to date produced, edited, megamixed and mastered nearly 200 different albums & compilations, and has written, produced over 250 songs, several TV scores and countless TV commercials. Gino Olivieri, part of historical Gold and Platinum selling album, compilation series in Canada and abroad and proud to have been part of many success stories of many artists. He has remixed and worked with numerous national & international artists such as: ACE OF BASE, BOB SINCLAR, BARRY MANILOW, ULTRA NATE, CORONA, THE OUTHERE BROTHERS, SHAWN CHRISTOPHER, STONEBRIDGE, KATHY BROWN, BARBARA TUCKER, D-TRAIN, GINO SOCCIO, LIME, FRANCE JOLI, GARY’S GANG, ANDREA TRUE CONNECTION, SYLVESTER, FRANKIE SMITH, YA-KID-K, NO MERCY, LOST, CAROL JIANI and DIMITRI FROM PARIS. In April ‘96, Gino launched the international record label “FINGER-PRINTZ Records”, and with its first release created such a world impact with the infamous Dance version of Celine Dion’s ballad “Because You Loved Me / Lost”. This version was rumored to be a bootleg of Celine Dion’s original vocals. The group “Lost” eventually became DMA’s (Dance Music Authority) Dance group of 1996 after maintaining 16 long weeks at “Number 1”. Lost was eventually released in over 50 countries of the world. “FINGER-PRINTZ Records” also had such great success with German group “666”, with several “Number 1’s” as well as 3 Top 10 hits (National Dance Chart – The Record) and three Number 1 videos on MUCHMUSIC “ELECTRIC CIRCUS” and MUSIQUE PLUS “BOUGE”. In 97 & 98 Gino also handled Dance A&R as well as royalty administration for two other Canadian labels TYCOON RECORDS INC and for ISBA MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT who were responsible for THE VENGA BOYS & ALICE DJ’s success in Canada. Gino’s other responsibilities included foreign licensing and representation of groups, producers and artists alike, being fluently Trilingual has had enormous importance on many dealings with foreign companies around the world. August 99 will be a new beginning for newly renamed PREMIER MUZIK PRODUCTIONS to “Premier Muzik International Corp” who has released brand new compilations namely “In-Da-Mix, 1st Fix”. In March 2000 brought a few new productions including Hilary Porter “My Love Will Lift You Up” and with Disco Diva “Carol Jiani” entitled “Hit & Run Lover 2000”. The winter of 2001 also brought a veteran reggae artist “Lady Shelly’s” new album. As well as a newly styled series entitled “CHILLOUT EXCELLENCE Lounge 1”. The summer of 2001; “SEX-SHOP” the most talked about TV series in Quebec Canada brought a dance series compilation associated with the sultry and sexy hostess of the same name. February 2002 gets chilled once again with “CHILLOUT EXCELLENCE Lounge 2”. March 2002 brought on a significant award to Gino Olivieri & Premier Muzik International Corporation for its work in the music industry as a member of the US National Register’s “WHO’S WHO” in Executives and Professionals. In June of 2002 “Gi-Note Music” a publishing division of Premier Muzik International embraced hundreds of songs in representation for placement on TV shows, Commercials and Movies and compilations for North America. December 2002, being a huge fan of Acid Jazz / Lounge / Chillout for so many years, Premier Muzik International released a new series “BOUDOIR BEATS”, a new series catering to an average person or couple who want more of a calm or atmospheric music in a subtle ambiance or dinner party. January of 2003 till date has been a milestone in collection and administration of royalties of almost every kind, representing many international artists’ Neighboring Rights and Publishing Rights. Considered one of the top 5 agents in the world in regards to Neighboring Rights, Premier Muzik International Corp. is definitely a force representing over 1200 Artists and labels interests worldwide. Always trying to help people, Gino speaks at conferences in regards to performers’ rights and what they are entitled too, giving advice to performers, authors, composers & publishers to ensure they receive their proper royalties. With extensive knowledge and expertise in the music business as well as administration, Gino Olivieri along with Premier Muzik International are one of Canada’s trusted and respected music industry individuals. Over 15 years of productions and representation and over 25 years under the same company name.
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