Gina Sabatini (DE)


Coming from a diverse music background, Gina ́s passion has always been the dancefloor.

Therefore she became a dancer before she started DJing in Berlin, then immersed herself in growing a loyal wide audience and keeping listeners on many sweet places engaged with her aesthetic of the slower side of underground dance music.

Gina is telling melodic deep stories and her devotion to the music speaks through her captivating and powerful sets - but it ́s all about the groove, when she’s dropping some low-tempo-deep- house-joints.

After 10 years in Germany's capital, she moved to her new adopted city Leipzig to start the club project ost:end togheter two of her best friends - it's the lived utopia of many different cultural workers, curators, producers and DJ ́s.

What started as an idea for a club is now a record label, a booking agency and an event collective with an incredible output. Whether it's sets, releases, live talks or events - the ost:end shapes Leipzig's club culture like hardly any other collectives.

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