Giddy (GB)


UK born and based in Ireland, Giddy hosts the popular Infectious Company show on Saturo Sounds and is also a resident DJ for Antonym on Liverpool based Trip Radio. Whenever you catch Giddy behind the decks you can expect a flowing progressive sound to his mixes, with plenty of twists and turns throughout, that effortlessly transition between genres. Between his creative and attentive approach to his track selections as he builds his sets, Giddy will take you on a journey of tribalistic beats and melodic meanderings, creating long transitions in the mix whilst always keeping the energy dynamic and engaging. It’s this approach as a DJ that captures his ability to tell a story through the construction of his sets and take you on a sonic journey.

The first venture into the Production world for Giddy saw him remix “Menagerie” by FuseFreqs on their Saturo Sounds release in Sept 2021. He then went onto remix Blue Amazon’s “Shellvox” which was the first release on their new label ‘Affiliate’, which also featured Ranj Kaler’s rework of “I Want Your Soul”. Giddy then partnered up with Land Mammal UK to start up their own label “Arbor Recordings” which has just had its inaugural release and the two of them are both busy working on plenty of exciting projects to bring some exciting and diverse music as they begin to build the sound of their label.

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