Gianski (NL)

Born as Gianni Arifi on 17 June 1992 in Amsterdam with partly Croatian roots. Gianski started rapping and producing beats from an early age. Together with his good friend Yannick Deschaux he started making beats and tracks together under the name 'Gianski & Bolle' and from there it all started. He prefers Neo Soul, Jazz, Reggae, R & B, Hip Hop and Folk music. The productions of Gianski are also to be found in the US, for which he collaborated with, among others, Stereo Boys from Detroit, Big Dogg from Manhattan and Bishop Lamont from Los Angeles. In the Netherlands he has worked on the Solomon Dado tape from the Hip Hop Collective Souldaad in Amsterdam, and has also produced for ReaJun, Leeroy (Black Light), AlphaDNA, Omar Soulay (Kyteman) and Sepa of 101 barz. Gianski, in collaboration with his cousin Nav, Executive Producer (among others known from Typhoon, ReaZun and AlphaDNA), is busy with his first solo EP, which mainly consists of his own productions such as 'Up'. Omar Soulay, 'I want you'. Zoe and 'Live'. In addition to his training at the Herman Brood Academy, Gianski regularly performs and has been in the forefront of the "I, Ben Hartman" tour of ReaZun. Gianski has recently participated in the preliminaries of HipHopTalent Show Wanted and has reached a final place!
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