Geoneal (NL)

When the audience feels the music, I’m a happy man.” That’s how MC Geoneal defines a successful night. Geoneal MC, is born in Holland, has been all across Europe to rock the stage, performing in clubs like Club Cell, Harders Plaza, Club Vie and the VIP Room. He has worked with names like Mokkadrumz, Dyna,Don James Freddy Moreira, Djeckman and hosted parties like Urban Elite, Latin Kings, Aftergooi and Kings and queens. This summer, Geoneal took his career to the next level by joining the Afro Bros on their summer tour through Spain and Greece. With an average of 12 gigs every month, this emerging artist is a very welcome MC in the Dutch music scene. The young MC provides a good vibe to any party and does anything to please his crowd. “The public is the most important ingredient to a party. They have to enjoy it!” Now it is time for his next big step. Traditionally, the DJ always toured with an MC by his side. This time, the tables will be turned. Geoneal will be the first MC to invite DJs with him to support his own tour. So watch out for this rising star.
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