Gecko Hone (BE)

Gecko Hone (bel/hk) Based in Shanghai, Gecko Hone is a Hong Kongese/Belgian DJ who freshly arrived on the electronic music scene. Resident from the famousunderground clubs The Mansion and Downtown, he already had the chance to move the crowd feet all around China and in outstanding events such as the Ying Yang Music Festival or Crazy Lotus' Dragon Burn Stage. Deeply addict to the Disco spirit since he discovered a certain vynil box in his father's basement, he is basically just a guy who has a lot of fun spreading love with tracks which existed before him. Originally coming from Hip Hop, his affinities vary from Disco House and Electro to Techno. Nostalgic from an era he never has the chance to live except through his earphones, he is convinced that everything that is old school is better.
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