Gareth Deakin (GB)

Speaker (Head Honcho, Sonorous Global Consulting)

A serial meddler is music, technology and start-ups. Deeply motivated by a twin passion for music and great business ideas, Gareth has been immersed at the intersection of music and emerging technologies for nearly a decade. Having worked with a variety of highly innovative music tech start-ups, he’s been early, late and up to his neck in it many times over. All of which has led to a rich and exciting startup and music career. Experience he now shares with startups with the aim of building value within the wider music tech ecosystem. Consulting on partnerships, growth, strategy and marketing, Gareth works with high-growth companies in a wide range of technologies and areas, including Music AI, Voice AI, music creation software, web3, NFTs, VR, AR and many more. Starting out in electronic music in early 2000, working within distribution for independent labels. Gareth’s career has included a decade-long stint at Sony Music plus senior positions at numerous startups. Most recently AI Music, an adaptive music engine for brands and music creators, acquired in 2021 and RCRDSHP an NFT marketplace and platform for electronic music. Since 2015 he’s run a boutique consultancy business, Sonorous helping clients with Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, M&A and fundraising. He’s a regular speaker at tech and music events, Co-Chair of the Emerging Technologies Committee for the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) and a start-up mentor for Abbey Road Red, Wallifornia Music Tech and Marathon Labs.

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