Gallya (BG)

Young Dj & Producer Gallya was born in 1991 in Bulgaria. Since her teenage years she was very interested in electronic music. Her first inspiration was in 2007, when her home city’s local club was inviting famous Djs from all over the world. Her love to electronic music parties was born. Only a couple of years later she started to teach herself djing and how to produce music. Nothing professional, till she met her biggest inspiration, Metodi Hristov. After their first collaboration, released with a big success on Glasgow Underground, they started to work to¬gether. A couple of collabs for labels like Deeper¬fect, Toolroom and Off Spin records followed. In 2015 - together with Metodi Hristov - her own label Set About was launched. The very first release was followed by an one month tour in South America. Gallya & Metodi played a couple of label showcasess in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Now she is looking forward to her next gigs in Ger¬many, Finland, Spain and Bulgaria, while releases for Set About, Kinetika Records, Elrow Music & Natura Viva are in progress.
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