Frogacult live (DK)

The Frogs met at a party sometime during winter time in early 1999. Casper was spinning a crazed out Cosmosis track on purple goa-vinyl and Mikkel, who was to play live for the very first time afterwards, just had to go ask about the name of that tune - Oh, those were the days. The boys soon hooked up again and slowly but surely Casper’s musical propaganda-machine noticeably influenced Mikkel’s productions as he went from Fluffy Puppy (Yes, boys and girls FLUFFY PUPPY!) to Cubica. Meanwhile Casper was playing all over Copenhagen and Southern Sweden in the DJ team: Jonas & Datai. In 2000 Casper and Mikkel made their first track together. The track “Strawberry Maniac” was passed on to John Ford in London when Mikkel visited him during the summer of 2001 and a while later it ended up at Transient HQ who wanted to release it. The deal never went through as the compilation was cancelled; however, Shane Gobi was starting Alchemy Records back then, and wanted the track to be on their first compilation. The Frogs decided that they still haven’t settled down style-wise, so they respectfully declined to release “Strawberry Maniac”. A couple of more tracks were produced and another record-deal offer was rejected when Ayahuasca Records wanted to release the first and most definitely, last off-bass based track that Frogacult have ever made: “Bundesligagarn”. Casper Datai & Mikkel Calum released their track "Chinese Wood" in 2002 on Plusquam Records on which they got great response. The EP "Femme Fatale" was released in 2003 on IBOGA and soon it became clear that they had something going. Casper got more and more DJ jobs around Copenhagen and the first steps toward an album were made. After some releases on different compilations, their dancefloor EP "All Seasons" hit - their album took shape. In 2004 they released their first full length album "Something for Sundays". It was a great success and the guys got more and more live gigs around the globe. The track "Bye she said" was released on IBOGA and became the last Casper & Mikkel produced together. After the massive popularity and travels, they wanted to focus on other things in life, which meant the group finally went to sleep in 2005 due to personal issues. Nearly 8 years later, Mikkel woke up the hibernated Frogacult and the new member David Henriksen entered the studio-nest. He has been a progressive dj since 2004, and been in the scene for many more years. His skills perfectly suit the old Frogacult style, and he's also bringing new influences from other recent genres such as tech, deephouse and minimal, to the group. After Mikkel & David already had done some releases under the name ”Virb & Padd”, they were highly determined to release the second Frogacult album with their newly found sound from both worlds, due to the high demand from fans. In the winter of 2011 they released the "Fluid Hammer EP". In the ripple of that, the 2nd album "Sky Rocketeers" was released on Spiral trax in 2012. It immediately gained attention in the progressive scene and the new duo is now ready for some more action.
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