Freddy Spool ()

The determined but broad-minded Freddy Spool is what you would like to call an adventurous artist. With his roots coming from the classic house scene but his interest definitely also for all the new sounds on the market these days, it seems hard to put a label on Freddy Spool. He sees this as something positive and uses it to his advantage as well. Freddy knows exactly what to do when playing at an underground rave as well when booked for a daytime set at Holland’s beachclub Woodstock69 for instance. This talent underlies in his curiosity for music. Everything with a proper groove and good rhythm is of interest to him,. Always searching for new sounds, be it on Beatport, through Giles Peterson’s BBC1 radioshow (RIP), Rush Hour’s record store in Amsterdam or just by digging into music’s history and future, Freddy rarely has moments where music is not on his mind.
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