Fred Falke (FR)


Since his ground-breaking debut on the electro scene, Fred Falke has developed a unique sound. A prolific artist, he writes and produces music, not to mention his numerous remixes. Having started his musical career playing bass, he turns to production in 2000. Back from Hong Kong, he sets up a duo with Alan Braxe : their track Intro (out on Vulture) achieves a tremendous success and sells up to half a million copies. Many remixes follow : from Jamiroquai and Justice to Royskopp or Death From Above 1979, Fred Falke works with the biggest electro-pop artists and bands.

His solo career starts in Paris around 2000 : that’s when he meets Daft Punk, at work on Discovery. Fred Falke releases his first EP titled Omega Man and tours all across Australia. His refined style, à la Française, oscillates between irresistible pop melodies and a strong bass. It proves highly efficient when Part IV, Falke’s first album, comes out in 2011. The artist becomes a prominent figure of the French Touch around the world. He plays iTunes Festival in London, Avalon in Los Angeles, Field Day in Sydney, Melt in Germany, and even the Djakarta Warehouse Project.

Falke’s remixing talent led him to collaborate with world-famous rockstars such as U2 and Robbie Williams, indie bands like Hot Chip, Grizzly Bears, Metronomy, La Roux and Uffie. Pop artists like Kesha, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Lana Del Rey or even electro monsters as Tiesto, Nero and Eric Prydz also owe him some of their catchiest tunes. Fred Falke navigates from one genre to another with one goal only : to create genuine, modern yet timeless electro-pop songs.

This passion for well-produced music is really what sets Falke apart. His signature lies in the meticulous care he has for every track he works on. Although relentlessly intransigent, Falke hops from one style to another : his remix of Dancing On My Own by Robyn explores a club-rock touch, whereas his memorable remix of Golden Cage by Whitest Boy Alive glows with nu-disco accents and a French Touch feel ... But Falke also enjoys playing some good nineties hip hop tracks during his Djsets. A highly-cultivated musician and artist, he has an indeniable ear for melody, which led him to work for Xenomania, the Motown of British pop music. He also collaborated to the production of The Gossip’s single Move In The Right Direction, produced Ellie Goulding’s tracks Home and Believe me, and composed Amelia Lily’s Bring Me Joy – number two in the 2012 English charts.

Today Fred Falke splits his time between Los Angeles and France. California, a place he dreamt of as a kid, inspired him some new music which will sound just like him : versatile, edgy and modern, cosmopolitan yet so Frenchy, in one word: generous.

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