Frankye Lova (IT)

Milanese of birth and Ibizan of adoption and vocation, the dj and producer Francesco Bas-si aka Frankye Lova is the creator of the radio program "Abfahrt", on air every saturday evening at 22 pm on Pureibizaradio. 60 minutes in which Frankye Lova alternates his sets to those of DJs and producers coming from all over the world, creating an authentic international community made up by artists and record labels, all joined by a common vision of electronic sonority. Frankye Lova's dj sets and productions are always looking for energetic and deep sounds: a pioneering techno, influenced by minimal melodies and sounds, alternating with breaks always making the right tune and excitement. His baselines branch off from the Chicago House to the Detroit Techno, without neglecting the essential influences of German producers and record labels, especially those of Berlin. His style is never obvious, never trivial, always surprising. His productions are released on Bonzai Progressive, Beatfreak Recordings, Jannowitz Rec-ords, Bullfinch Records, Tush Music, Piko Music, Hush Recordz, Ahnenerbe Records, Adro Records, La Papillon Records, Subwoofer Records, Only the Best Record, Factory Beat Re-cordings and Gasoline Records. Since several seasons, he’s the guest at several Ibizan clubs such as Sankeys, OD Ocean Drive, Delano, Guarana, without forgetting his party sets in exclusive villas and parties. Frankye Lova performances are marked by versatility, thanks of a style and musical knowledge never trivial and granted.
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