Francesco Giglio (IT)

Francesco Giglio Dj / Producer / Remixer, Italian entrepreneur, creator of One Night started his career as a DJ at the age of 13, performing in the best clubs in Sicily, enjoying excellent success throughout Italy and the world. His passion for music led him to venture into the world of recording. Thanks to the numerous productions and events organized in collaboration with brands such as Ministry of Sound and Defected, Francesco Giglio stands out on the world stage and plays in the best events / festivals. During these years many productions that come out in his name on prestigious dance labels. In January 2018 Francesco Giglio with Ensaime comes up with an important version of "Lover" with the skill and video clip together with Snoop Dogg, one of the most famous American rappers, actors and record producers in the world who climbs all the world rankings and this leads internationally. In July 2019 another international collaboration, this time with Flo Rida entitled "Touch Me", which was depopulated on all the social networks that led him to make a very important world tour.
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