Foot (NL)

Foot is one of the producers known from the duo 10dens. He has played in a lot of clubs and festivals across Europe, making dance floors go bananas with his melodic and melodramatic techno. Inspired by artists such as: James Holden, N'to, Worakls, Stephan Bodzin, Guy Boratto, Nathan Fake, Max Cooper, Luke Abott, Maxime Dangles, Applescal, Ryan Davis, Lanny May and many more. Foot produces a mix of melodic and progressive minimal techno and always delivers. Foot has released on the following music labels: Inlab recordings, Cinematique, Aftertech Records, Fluro Music, Phäntom records, INFLUENZA* music, Univak, Clubstream Green, Neko Music and Mind Field Records.
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