Floris van Rijn (NL)

Speaker (Tensail)

During my masters, I attended a multitude of festivals with my best friend and co-founder Arthaud. We grew increasingly annoyed at seeing the same uninspired tent designs at many of the festivals we went to and together decided to tackle this and create a tent worth Instagramming. In the summer of 2018 together with my co-founder I launched Tensail.

The stronger, lighter and more beautifully designed festival tent. We invented and patented a methodology that cuts production and construction costs and makes a more memorable and pleasing tent for visitors. In the summer of 2019, we successfully launched our 100m2 with Innofest at Into The Great Wide Open. We are now looking to take the festival world by storm and place our tents that can range from 70m2 to 1600m2 in festivals around the world and once and for all get rid of the tents that frustrated us.

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