Fernando Costantini (BE)

While he was born and raised in Belgium, Fernando’s roots are Italian, and he absorbed the music in his family home from an early age as his father played classic Italian tracks, soul and funk, while his older brother engaged with electronic music from the early 90s. Fascinated by the mysterious allure of the knobs and faders on the turntables and mixer, from the age of 8 Fernando would take every opportunity to and turn on the decks as soon as his brother would leave the house. It would be some time until he would take to mixing himself, but as he grew to seek out his own music, so his own collection of disco, jazz, soul and funk came together from hours spent digging in second hand record markets. Naturally, as he grew in confidence so came the desire to share his passion with others, although as he continued to learn more about all kinds of music he never entertained the prospect of making it his profession. However along the way there were key characters that saw the twinkle in his eye and recognized his potential. Key among these are tINI and Anthea, who both equally took the time to encourage Fernando’s skills while giving him the kinds of opportunities that have seen his reputation rise rapidly. As he blossomed as a DJ, of course his curiosity led him into music production, keen to have his own unique sounds at his disposal to add to his artistry, not to mention unveiling the mystery of where the music he loved so much came from. Hours have been spent experimenting with different processes, building up a formidable arsenal of tracks steadily seeing the light of day from his first release on Karton through to appearances on Dana Ruh’s Brouqade Records, Loquace’s Earlydub and many more respected labels. As well as building upon his solo work, he has always been an enthusiastic collaborator, working with Alexander Kyosev, Oshana (as Ferosh), not to mention kicking off the F&A Project with Anthea. Having established himself as a recognisable artist in his own right, Fernando has spent the past few years playing key parties and festivals around the world from Paris to Tokyo to New York to Mexico to Ibiza to London. Such notorious events as Fuse, Sonus, BPM, Sonar and Dommune have called upon his talents, each one feeding more experience and inspiration into his distinctive style.
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