Fedde ten Berge (NL)


Fedde ten Berge (1983) is an Amsterdam based sound artist who creates work across different contexts and disciplines. In his work, Fedde challenges his audience to leave the comfort zone of the distant spectator and, to a large extent, take responsibility for the experience of his work. In exhibiting his work he is looking for social aspects and alludes to playful interaction inbetween his audience. He sees sound art as an interdisciplinary art form in which sound is uncompromising but the connection is sought with other art forms. Fedde has embraced this focus to develop his skills broadly. He is the builder of interactive sound installations, performer and composer of electronic music. Fedde is committed to make works that are solidly constructed and can operate without his supervision. Fedde works as the artistic coordinator at STEIM in Amsterdam. Within the STEIM facility he manages his own workshop for electronics, wood and metal processing. He organizes exhibitions together with and within STEIM as well as on his own title.

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