Fay Wang (CN)

Speaker (China Minsheng Cultural Media)
Born in the year of the horse, Fay Wang has galloped her way up the up the music industry. She began her career in tourism and real estate development working on major projects such the construction and development of luxury hotels including Four Seasons, W hotel, St. Regis and Bellagio. Since 2017 Fay was transferred to China Minsheng Cultural Media (Sanya), also known as CMCM, where she immediately started her work on organizing the first ISY Music Festival which took place in March 2018. With its strong lineup and large attendee list, ISY Music Festival has become known all over China and it has now positioned itself as one of the biggest festival in the country. After her strong performance during the setup of the first ISY, Fay was awarded with a promotion where she became the Vice President of CMCM. She is now determined to grow ISY Music Festival to become a strong international brand.
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