Darkness is the key of the project , blending tech house and techno rhithms in a unique style infected with sinister melodies , drones , stubs , chords , rolling basslines and dark atmospheric pads. Musical background starts very early at eight years old studying piano at the Conservatory of Rome and just some years later starting to interest at electronic music and electronic audio equipments testing and studying lot of analog and digital sinthesizers. The Fac3Off project instantly got huge support from the first album resulting charted and played by Carl Cox in May 2015. With the new releases come out at early 2016 the project instantly got the beatport top techno charts , four times consecutive , and was repeatedly played by Umek at almost all his gigs and radio shows for all the season. Strongly motivated in June 2016 he prepared a new ep and signed the first contract with the major techno label Trapez. After just 2 months another great signing with the Gregor Tresher label Break New Soil where he release his first ep on vinyl titled 'Goodness EP' reaching #1 on the techno sales chart on many stores and positioning in the top 100 best selled vinyls of 2016 on Deejay.de! The new year start with a new ep with Trapez and a new vinyl release on Break New Soil , a double vinyl release for the 10th label anniversary including 2 new originals togheter with tracks from Gregor Tresher and other great artists. In June 2017 Trapez label ask him to manage the artists and repertoire of the label. In September 2017 will be released the third ep with Trapez. Along the summer he signed new eps on great labels such as Alchemy owned by the super star dj Mauro Picotto where he signed for not one but two eps, and another great ep signed with IAMT the legendary Spartque's label! In about two years a list of top djs played his music on stage during big festivals , with names such as: Gregor Tresher, Karotte, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Cristian Varela, Umek, Mauro Picotto, Tocadisco, Charlotte De Witte, Christian Hornbostel, Thomas Schumacher, Simina Grigoriu, Paride Saraceni, Justin James, Rich Curtis, Skober, The Yellow Heads, Spartaque. FAC3OFF love to create his sounds, designing them mostly , and love to make handcrafted beats and grooves in order to propose something different. Mostly of the digital equipment from vst instruments to audio effects are manufactured by him to give his sound something unique.
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