Extrawelt (DE)

Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe have been engaged in electronic music since the beginning of the '90s, and they continue succeeding in maxing out this music's latitude, shaping their very own and unique style that can hardly be assigned to one of the established subcategories of modern electronic dance music. Initially, the two started at a young age as DJs, and later on established the projects' Midimiliz', 'Spirallianz', together with Marcus Maichel' The Delta' and 'Downhill', which all have gained remarkable success in the scene. Their live-act has always been about purism and that what It's all about in their musical galaxy – no kindergarten or useless hocus-pocus, only caring about the deepest core of their sound by always being keen on using their beloved gear on stage to gain the most authentic output possible. Production-wise Extrawelt's sound has always been more into an analog direction, without losing sight of the digital innovations and possibilities. They follow a "no dogmata" path and pick the best of both worlds and combine that into the magic the Extrawelt sound stands for. In spite of their huge success, the two have – typically Hanseatic – always kept their feet on the ground by keeping a low profile and not growing against the hype that once built up around the duo and still surrounds them like an invisible aura. 2019 will not only be the year of new achievements, releases, and remixes, but it will also be the year of more live performances right in the vein of being what Extrawelt is all about – being true to themselves and their idea of sound.
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