Etro Anime (US)

Etro Anime means "To be infinite: with spirit and in movement". Formed in 1998, the band embodied this mantra, beginning their career playing gigs in cozy New York City clubs including Izzy Bar, Rebar and The Spiral Lounge. Their charismatic live show has won fans over from around the globe, from the local gigs around Manhattan to concert halls across Europe. Current members include Anais Alonso, Ted Birkey, Thomas Bell, Harold Davis, and Gregg Jarvis. Previous members include Liset Alea, Charles Becker, Lester Facey, David Fisher, Shambo Pfaff, Joe Tagliareni, Kerry Trainor, and Tom Welsch. Originally released on Entry 1/V2 Records in Europe their debut CD, "See The Sound," was licensed for exclusive release in the US to Neurodisc/Capitol Records. Their first single "Summer Rain" climbed to 20 on the US Dance Charts in 2004. Their second full length album "Spreading Silence" will be released on Neurodisc/Universal Records featuring additional vocalists Jeff Baldwin, Katy Gunn, and Jessie Nieuwenhuis, and additional production from Jeff Baldwin, David Fisher, Sanj Hignorami, John Kanselaar, Keith Schweitzer, Joe Tagliareni, and Malik Worthy.
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