Erik Sebastiaan (NL)

"As a true kid from the 80's, I remember starting to love music while dancing in the living room to the sounds of bands like Wham! and Toto. Over the years my focus changed from Rock music to Hiphop but in the background there had always been this interest in a type of music I simply could not place. I remember describing it as 'the jungle sound', based on my association with energetic, and rhythmic drums. Just before my 18th birthday I discovered that what I had been looking for, were solid techno beats. After this followed many hours of looking for mixes, listening to music and visiting countless events. This went on for a couple of years until I felt it was time to contribute and give back what I had taken. As such I started collecting and playing music in front of (small) crowds from around 2008. Over the years I noticed that the many hours that went into the music, my preferences started to become more and more specific. I learned that much of the music I loved was mainly available on vinyl, and so I decided to start collecting and playing vinyl from this moment on. It was in 2010 that my love for this medium brought an entirely different perspective to music. It brought along the ability to be even more critical towards the music that I bought. The true joy started coming from digging for cool tracks that were less known to most others. This is still a very strong driver for the music I buy and it has lead me to a point in which I'm quite satisfied with my collection and the path which I'm currently following. Specifically when realizing that building up a sound and solid collection, is a matter of time, dedication and knowledge. Three elements that go well hand-in-hand, have brought me a lot of joy and hopefully will keep doing this in the future. Nowadays my aim is to collect actually no matter what, as long as it sounds fresh. From deeper house or techno sounds, to dry beats, to groovy minimal. Most important however, is that I hope to bring people a postive vibe and good experience when listening to recordings or live mixes."
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