Menal Batti, known professionally as Ehrenschwesta is a Swedish Techno DJ based in Vienna. From a really young age, she had a great passion for music and music has forever been her best way of expression. Since her parents are both Kurdish, politics and the fight for freedom have always been a part of her everyday life. These topics were often expressed through music and in her family mostly through her dad's saz' which is one of her biggest inspirations in life. Ehrenschwesta's DJ journey started in 2019 when she and her friends created events and played music with ethnic sounds. In the later years, Ehrenschwesta's music has mainly inspired by the 90s techno scene, but she still loves to cross genres and create her unique sound. She would describe her music as fast, rhythmic, and powerful, but with atmospheric tunes. Ehrenschwesta has been growing fast in the Viennese techno community since 2021. Her breakthrough was when she played for Herrensauna and Marcell Dettman and their Bad Manners showcase. Today she is regularly playing in known clubs in Vienna such as Grelle Forelle, PRST, and Das Werk. She has also had several international gigs in for example Germany, Spain, Croatia, and of course her home country Sweden. Ehrenschwesta is a member of Wiener Gerüstbau.

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