Ego (IT)

Ego, name of art of Valerio Parrotta (1997) musician from Puglia, Italy. At a young age he began studying piano, which laid the foundations of his musical journey. Over time, he approaches the world of electronic music, particularly the ambient / ambient techno genre. All this has characterized his particular sound that alternates sounds of classical instruments with analog synths and rhythms. He began his studies at SAE in Milan, graduating in electronic music production and sound engineer. Finished his studies he performed in live performances and dj sets participating in various local festivals and exhibitions abroad (America, France and Switzerland) sharing the stage with artists like Rival Consoles, Mathew Jonson, Romare, Nick Williams, Tama Sumo and others . In November 2017 he signed with his Brazilian label (Konsep record) the release of his first EP entitled "Essenza", officially published on March 27th 2018. Presents an electronic dj set with contaminations ranging from jazz to soul to darker electronics.
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